The Oversized Jumper Edit

Okay, it is no secret that I am in love with oversized jumpers! They are comfy, they are practical and they look incredible. In my eyes, they are such a staple for winter fashion and I find my online shopping wish lists full of the things. Here is a collection of some of my favourite ways to wear them and places to buy them this winter.

The Oversized Jumper Tucked Into Jeans Look

I am such a big fan of contrast when it comes to fashion. Skinny jeans call for big fluffy jumpers to fold over the top and just generally look gorgeous. I love how they emphasise the waist line by drawing in right where you’re at your slimmest, giving you a really exaggerated hourglass shape. For even more elegance, wear with heels and minimalist jewellery such as a gold necklace or stackable rings.D

The Ariana Grande Oversized Jumper Look

The jumper dress and knee high boots has always been iconic, but Ari made it perfect. This look is definitely for the more petite among us but I would argue you can make it work for just about anything if you want to. I have always been scared to go thigh high when it comes to boots and they never seem to fit me quite right, but still I find myself aspiring towards Ariana’s levels of chic and sophistication. 

The Off The Shoulder Oversized Jumper Look

This look is my absolute favourite. Gorgeous bralettes and off the shoulder jumpers fill my Pinterest boards to the brim. I love the loosely fitted style that these ones have and they are a little bit lighter than a lot of jumpers which I personally love. I especially love the low cut neck line because I think it gives lots of space for a few minimalist necklaces and really shows off your collarbone and neck. You can get away with wearing leggings underneath this look for added comfort, and comfort always wins in my eyes!

The Oversized Jumper With A Skirt Look

I find the long sleeve, short skirt aesthetic to die for! This is a look that has elegance and stylish and yet is super fun! I personally prefer a slightly more fitted sleeve on the jumpers for this look and a belt really ties the whole thing together and adds a little bit of shape to your figure. For a cosy yet fashion forward look, add some coloured tights (I like burgundy or dark green) and black ankle boots. Then layer up with a long coat, hat and scarf.

The Twisted Back Oversized Jumper Look

If you don’t want this jumper to show off the pretty bralette that you bought but nobody ever sees then you are lying because that is what it was made for! As shown by these two models, it really works with anything but, in the winter, I love the mom jeans look with it. While I am concerned that the loose nature of the jumper would irritate me while I was wearing it, sometimes fashion does come under comfort. And that sometimes is right now!

The Stripey Oversized Jumper Look

You can’t go wrong with stripes, can you? Stripes with ripped jeans, stripes with skinny jeans, stripes with skirts and shorts and tracksuit bottoms! I am absolutely loving this Urban Outfitters jumper on the right because it is just so oversized and comfy looking. These tend to have a higher neckline and so work well with scarves and bobble hats in the middle of the winter. 

So share your love for oversized jumpers with me! Where do you where them? When do you wear them? How do you accessorise and where are your favourite places to get them? Tell me everything you love about them! And if you loved this post, I’d love it if you gave it a share! Click one of the buttons below to share it to your social media easily or pin the image below on Pinterest!


Amber x

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